Church Trip 2016

An Introduction: Part II

Introduction, Part II

A follow-up to my last post: Once I finally relented to Mom’s (and several other people’s) requests to create a blog for this trip, I realized I needed a good name for the blog.

After consulting a few of my esteemed colleagues, these are the options I considered. Please don’t cringe too hard.

  • “Church Family Road Trip 2k16”
  • “Eating Our Way Through New England”
  • “Our Moose Hunting Trip”
  • “Our Food Hunting Trip”
  • “The Maine Adventure”
  • “Churching the Most Unchurched Part of America”
  • “Where is Canada?”
  • “Churches Migrating North for the Summer”
  • “Discovering the States in Which One Cannot Make Left Turns”
  • “15 States, 1 District, 2 Countries, 9 Days”
  • “Are there Moose in Maine?”
  • “How Many Consecutive Days Can a Very Southern Man Tolerate Northerners Before Exploding?: A Semi-Scientific Experiment”
  • “The Hand Sanitizer Habits of a Woman Under Germ-Induced Duress: A Semi-Scientific Observation”
  • “Which Genres of Music are Best for Lulling a 22-Year-Old to Sleep in a Car?: Another Semi-Scientific Experiment/Observation”

I thought these might be worth sharing. I do however realize I probably just lost at least half my potential readers.

I finally settled on “Church Trips: Adventures, Food, and the Occasional Wildlife Sighting” for sake of simplicity, and so I won’t have to start another separate blog for any future trips. That way, if we get real wild and head up to Ashe County one day, I can document it for your viewing pleasure.

Portland Head Light – Portland, ME
Portland Head Light – Portland, ME

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