Church Trip 2017



Before we get too far into the details of this post, I think I’ll give a quick update on what’s going on with the family.
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I completed my Master of Science in Accountancy degree from Appalachian this June, and I’m currently in the second half of my graduate program working on an MBA in Data Analytics. Mom has been working on the pastoral search committee at church, and Dad has been keeping the Town of Granite Falls functioning amongst a collapsed bridge and a massive fire.

In May, I studied abroad in the Alps to complete the global requirement for the MBA program. You can click below to read about my adventures in Switzerland, Italy, and France!

In July, my roommates and I conducted a water taste test (long story), so if you’d like to find out what brands of water to buy/not buy based on the scientific observations of a handful of college students, click here.
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Water Taste Test // Not Pictured - Boone Tap Water
Water Taste Test

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Church trip 2017

For those of you who don’t remember, our family went on an unprecedented trip up north last summer. I’m still not quite sure how we got Mom to travel that far, but she enjoyed it so much that she essentially demanded that we take a similar trip this summer!

It didn’t exactly take much convincing for Dad and me to agree to travel back to the land of Red Sox games and lobster rolls. Since we now have some experience galavanting around the New England, we hope that this will be a more streamlined, yet equally adventurous trip.

Cape Elizabeth
Maine // 2016

Our itinerary includes, among other things: Hershey and Amish Country, Baseball Hall of Fame, northern Appalachian Mountains, Maine, New England, NYC, DC, and more. Along the way I expect we’ll have lots of good food (I know that’s shocking—I’ve been researching hole-in-the-wall restaurants for months), see some beautiful scenery, explore some new territory, and experience some inevitable craziness.

Road map - Church Trip 2017
Church Family Road Trip 2017
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