Europe 2019

Final Introductory Part

Introduction, Part 2.5


First, I’d need to apologize for dragging out this introduction into three parts. I originally intended to be brief, but somehow got carried away. I guess that’s what happens when you live in Boone with little-to-no sunshine for the winter months.

You can catch up on my unnecessarily long introductory posts below:

That said, I’ll make a concerted effort to keep this post short: it will just contain a few final notes before we begin our actual journey.

Final Notes

Since I promised I’d be brief, I’ll only give three last minute “housekeeping”-type items:

  1. We’ll try to send out our blog daily. However, bad Internet connection and lack of sleep might get in our way some days. Don’t worry; we’ll catch up!
  2. Please be lenient with us on spelling/grammar errors…I’m usually trying to write the blog and bulk-edit photos at night when we’re exhausted from the day’s events. I promise we’ll correct them eventually. Thankfully, Faith can proofread for me some.
  3. As mentioned in my second introductory post, I’m planning on adding a few new features to the blog. Whenever I do, I’ll highlight it using an alert box like the one below:

We hope you enjoy following our travels through central Europe. We fly out of Charlotte at noon on Saturday; it’s almost time!


If you haven’t already, click below to subscribe to our posts. We should be sending out daily emails, but things might get delayed a bit for reasons mentioned above.

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  1. Cannot wait to share your adventures!! And of course, we will see those awesome food pics, right??? Or is that only with your Dad?? Enjoy every moment!

  2. I look forward to reading about your trip and seeing your pictures! Your blog and pictures will be the closest I’ll ever get to these countries!❤️

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